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    Fuse extractor with leather sleeve/cuff

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    Hardhat with integrated faceshield

    Conform GS-ET-29 Class 2

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    Laser engraving marking plates

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    Insulating gloves

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  • No new products at this time.
  • Arcflash protective faceshield in accordance w/ European and American standardATPV 12 Cal/cm²

  • Arcflash protective faceshield in accordance w/ European and American standardATPV 25 Cal/cm² 

  • Safety Helmet in ABS with integral faceshield used for electrical industry to protect against electrical arc from short circuit

  • The fuse extractor is suitable for use in LV HRC fuse systems in accordance with VDE 0680/4 standards. They are universally designed for fuses and allow easy installation and operation.The plug-in handles are equipped with sleeves to prevent contact with live parts and arcing during operation. The handles bear the German «GS» mark for tested safety.Size...

The BINAME is a family company founded in 1980 by Philippe Binamé.
We are mainly active in the electricity sector of low, medium and high voltage.
The company BINAME markets personal protective equipment for electrical and related equipment for medium and high voltage stations.

Our divisions are:
BINAME SAFETY: PPE for electricians
ELECTROGLOVE: Insulating gloves for electrician from 500 to 36000 Volt
BINAME RUBBERS: insulating mats and blankets for electrical applications
BINAME INSULATORS: Insulators for low, medium and high voltage in various materials.

Our business hours:

Monday to Thursday: 8.00 am to 12.00 - 12.30 and 16.30h
Friday: 8.00 am to 12.00 - closed in the afternoon
Saturday and Sunday: Closed