The company :

The BINAME is a family company founded in 1980 by Philippe Binamé.
We are mainly active in the electricity sector of low, medium and high voltage.
The company BINAME markets personal protective equipment for electrical and related equipment for medium and high voltage stations.

Our divisions are:
BINAME SAFETY: PPE for electricians
ELECTROGLOVE: Insulating gloves for electrician from 500 to 36000 Volt
BINAME RUBBERS: insulating mats and blankets for electrical applications
BINAME INSULATORS: Insulators for low, medium and high voltage in various materials.

Adress :

Robert Dansaertlaan, 250 
B-1702 Groot-Bijgaarden
Tel : +32 (0)2 466 25 08
Fax : +32 (0)2 466 59 90
E-mail :

Our opening hours:

Monday to Thursday: 8.00 am to 12.00 - 12.30 and 16.30h
Friday: 8.00 am to 12.00 - closed in the afternoon
Saturday and Sunday: Closed