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  • The fuse extractor is suitable for use in LV HRC fuse systems in accordance with VDE 0680/4 standards. They are universally designed for fuses and allow easy installation and operation.The plug-in handles are equipped with sleeves to prevent contact with live parts and arcing during operation. The handles bear the German «GS» mark for tested safety.Size...

  • • Insulated handle to IEC 60900• For working enviroment of voltages AC 1000 V and DC 1500 V• Actuation accuracy: ±3 % tolerance of the set scale value and better• Precise reading accuracy for a minimum 5.000 tightening cycles• Controlled fastening clockwise direction• Can untighten without any torque restraint thanks to the anticlockwise latch• Scale in...

  • Earth clamp band - support and band in Stainless steelFor diameter 10 tot 52 mm (1/8'' to 1-1/2'') - band size 22x0,4mmConductor max 2x 16mm²

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